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Jeffrey Foucault
Man, things have been pretty stressful for me lately. From freelance work to Idol and summer activities, I am finding that my musical tastes have been leaning to the more chill... which tends to happen in the summer, right? Probably the young reggae addict that once was trying to fight his way out again.

In the chill mindset that I have found myself, I have been listening a lot to the wonderful sounds of Jeffrey Foucault. I started listening to Jeffrey back in December of '03 when Ken, Kier, Walter and I went to a local place to see some guy that Ken was raving about. The venue was SUPER intimate and the music was breathtaking. Simple, powerful and just phenomenal.

I have been following Mr. Foucault ever since that night, catching him on his own whenever I can or with Redbird, a supergroup consiting of Jeffrey, Peter Mulvey and Kris Delmhorst. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

I highly suggest the following tasty tunage that can be found to the right. All his albums are "must buys" in my opinion. Get it, meathead!

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