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Oahu, Hawai‘i - 2011

Everyone says that if you have a newborn, you should travel with them before they get their legs. What that means is that once they are able to walk (run) around, it becomes much more difficult to fly with them. With the idea of going to Hawaii for a little R&R in our heads, we decided to take people’s advice and get out there as soon as we could with little Julia so the trip would be as easy on everyone as possible.

After thinking about where we wanted to stay on Oahu, we decided to spend the majority of our time on the North Shore. We were so impressed by the quiet splendor and beauty of Kauai during our honeymoon that we wanted to get as far away from Honolulu as possible. After all, we didn't want to have to fly 7 hours to be in another city, right?

The house that we ended up renting was about a mile or two from Waimea on the north shore. Being that we ended up there in the winter, the waves were HUGE. Good times, but it also meant that our snorkeling and swimming options were pretty limited. Luckily, snorkeling was not priority #1 for us. Much like most of our tropical getaways, this trip was all about relaxation, and much relaxation was found. Our days consisted of finding good food from shrimp trucks and cafes, lounging around watching the surf and driving around the island and soaking up the sights.

After spending a majority of our days up on the north shore, we headed to Waikiki to spend a few days in the larger city. Although it was nice to catch a few great sights and activities like Pearl Harbor, I think we would have been better off staying up north. Waikiki is nice and all, but we really would have rather spent our time slowly putting around in a mellow area. Hawaiian vacations are best served much like my favorite beverages, chilled.

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Makes me wanna go... again. Oahu is great.

Lovely photos. Thanks for rubbing it in my face, jerk.

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