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We Got Married!

Preparing for a wedding can be extremely rough for a bride and groom. From planning the big stuff like location, date and guest list to the never ending list of small details like heater location and centerpieces, it can be grueling. For those that have gone through it though, you know that all that hard work pays off in the end on your big day.

For me and Kathy, we had "the perfect" wedding. We had the perfect location, weather, guest list and most importantly partner. Kathy is an incredible person and I couldn't have been happier on our wedding day because I knew that I had completely hit the jackpot with her.

We had some incredible help with our big day. First of all, our parents were fantastic and their generosity towards us was overwhelming. Our friends and family were there to help us with any decision that we asked their opinion on. This ended in some of the best services we could have asked for. Jenny Fenwick got us in touch with Jimmy Chang, our photographer extraordinaire. Matt, Stacia, Jeff and Kelly introduced us to Brian, our amazing DJ. Joan, our "family", offered to let us use her backyard for the reception. How AMAZING is that??? She is a true saint and we will never be able to thank her enough. My sister Stacey made our cake. She is so talented it makes me sad for other wedding cake decorators.

Special thanks go out to our wedding party. It would not have been the same if they weren't up there with us. I could go on and on but I'll cut it short.

Check out the photos to see our special day. Cheers!

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