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Northern Roadtrip - 2008

We had two weeks to spend on our "second" honeymoon in the summer of '08. We decided to hop in Toby (our Toyota Tacoma) and head north to see a bunch of great friends and family that we don't get the opportunity to see nearly enough.

We started off by heading up to spend some quality time with Marc and Emily. This was a great visit and, as usual, had a great time with our friends from SF. After leaving the Bay Area we drove up to my Aunt and Uncle who live in Black Butte, OR which is just outside of Bend. We had a super time there with great weather and the luck of Jenny and the kids being there at the same time. Such cute kids, it was hard to leave but before we knew it we were off on our way further north and after a stop to skydive in Portland we made it to Seattle. My cousin Kristin, her husband Jerry and 3 kids live just outside the city. It was my first time in Seattle and I just loved it. Great vibe, nice people and a bunch of our family made the whole experience fantastic.

We eventually left the USofA and headed up to Vancouver for a few days. We had some great food, some good nightlife and some nice city life before we were ready to head back down into the states. Our next big stop was in Spokane, WA to stay with Kathy's uncle Dennis and family. He was an awesome host and took us all around the area, showing off the great landscape and, most notably, the cherry, peach, apple farms. MMMmmmmm... I can still taste them.

We soon said goodbye to Dennis and made our way to Yellowstone and then the Grand Tetons, Kathy's old stomping grounds. We did some great camping and hiking in the Tetons and have made a pact to go back often. It is so beautiful there, it might make you want to stay forever.

We rounded out our two week escapade by stopping in Salt Lake City to see Ken and Kiersten. It was great to catch up with them as we're still not used to them being in the same city as us.

Lesson of the day for you web travelers is that roadtrips are awesome. Not only do you get to see some of the great America, you also get to see some great friends along the way. Get out there!

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