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Yosemite - 2009

This trip can only called bittersweet. It was a great weekend for all of us. Not only were the Californians (Mom, Kathy and me) privileged with having the Donaldson's in tow, we were also blessed with the presence of Christina and her beautiful daughter Thalia.

We rented a cute cabin close to where we used to go when Stacey and I were growing up in Wawona which is about 15 minutes inside the border of Yosemite Park. We had wonderful weather and great company.

The trip was bittersweet in that we were missing our leader, my Dad, who passed away back in December of '08. He was sorely missed during our Yosemite trip but was with us in our hearts the whole time. It was especially special to be able to spread some of his ashes near the swinging bridge which was a very special spot to my Dad. The moment was very poignant and won't ever be forgotten by yours truly.

Yosemite has always held a very special place in my heart. Now it means so much more. We miss you Dad and we always will.

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man - I love it too.

Man, I love that tribute video.

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