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Dmitri - The Super Kitty
I did not grow up a cat person. I have always been a dog lover. I am that guy that can't walk past a pup that is tied up outside a coffee shop without stopping to say hello for minutes before moving on. The main reason for this is because I was never able to get to know the other household pet, the cat due to an intense allergy. To this day, I have a hard time going over to my friends Matt and Stacia's house for more than an hour before I feel the effects of their cats.

Then I met Kathy. My wonderful wife has always loved cats. As soon as she figured out that we might be going the distance, she began researching ways to get a furry feline friend into our lives. It wasn't too long before Kathy found some information on a special breed of cat that seemed to be hypoallergenic. The Siberian was the cat for us. Upon finding out as much info as we could, we quickly found a breeder in the area that we could test our theories out on.

We went over to the LA Valley to visit Siberian Beauty, a cattery that promised to offer what we wanted. I spent about two hours with about a dozen cats all over the place. Result? I was fine! Shizam! We quickly got on the list and waited and waited and waited for a new litter to deliver us a new buddy. By November of '08 our little guy was born and the countdown until we could bring him home began. After a few months of waiting, Dmitri came home with us and we both couldn't be happier. He, seriously, is the best cat. Want us to prove it? Come on over and you can meet him. He's a friendly little fella.

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Freefall Girl
Yes, he is the best cat ever!

Super cute. Great pics

My 3rd-favorite cat on the planet!

What a beautiful kitteh!

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