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Ayla Jane
The cutest little thing in the whole world was born in August of 2008. My sister Stacey and her husband Jon were blessed with their first child, a beautiful girl that they named Ayla (pronounced Eye-La) Jane.

She has truly captured my heart and I regularly have her latest photo on my desktop. I mean really, folks... how cute is this little girl? Additionally, we were blessed with the fact that my Dad was able to spend a good amount of time with her before he passed away in December. This is truly one of God's blessings (although, of course, I wish he could have spent years and years with her).

You can bet that this little one is going to be quite a trooper. Both of her parents are super active skiers, rafters, hikers, you name it. That and the fact that she will be raised at the feat of a bunch of 14 thousand foot mountains in the heart of Colorado will surely set her off on the right feet.

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