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I have had a 60 gallon saltwater tank now for almost 6 years. There is nothing I love more in my apartment than aquarium (except my wife of course). Actually, now that Dmitri is in the picture, it is a tough call. The point is, I love the fishtank.

I have had some really cool fish come (and go). I have added a multitude of filtering/skimming equipment to keep my little friends happy and healthy. Most recently I have replaced volcanic rock (boring) with live rock. This exciting addition will be the base for soft and hard corals in the near future. This will spice up the tank in amazing ways. Additionally, thanks to my friend Brian, I have started using metal halide lights. These lights are super powerful and give the fish more effective real "sun-like" lighting. I could go on and on about the equipment that is new so I'll just move on to the good stuff, the camera!

I purchased a great piece of software called Evocam that lets me stream images straight up to the web on a predetermined interval. To go along with that software, I needed a good camera. I started off with my existing iSight but soon learned that it is far from ideal as a regular webcam. I went ahead and bought a reliable Panasonic Network Camera. It works great!

So, if you are bored, need a pickmeup or just love watching fish meander around a fishtank, be sure and check it out!

» Watch it today

* Thanks to Matty for this photo. It was taken back in June of 2007 and shows a much different tank than that of today but you get the idea, right?

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