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U2, for me, is just one of those bands that I could listen to at any time. Happy? U2. Party time? U2. Sad? You get the idea. I have been a fan ever since my sister Stacey went nutso for them back in the 80s.

I have very fond memories of laying on the floor of my room while in junior high, staring at the ceiling and getting lost in U2 albums like October, War and The Joshua Tree. Seriously good tunes... still.

I really have to put them in the spotlight for their live performances as well. I have been fortunate enough to see them live and real close at that. All I can say is that seeing this band is a must for any music fan. They really know how to make a crowd go nuts.

Beyond their musical talents which are many, I also really respect the goodwill efforts of U2. There aren't many charities that Bono and the boys don't try to help out with. Working at American Idol for over three years has shown me their generosity first hand as Bono was influential in the annual Idol Gives Back charity events.

They truly are doing good work with their celebrity and I have to give them a lot of recognition for that. That, and well, of course the fact that they have been making the music that have been associated with all of my memories for the last 20 years. Here's hoping that they have many more good ones in them.

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