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Jeffrey Foucault - Live in Portland, OR - 11/5/15
Jeffrey Foucault
Live in Portland, OR - 11/5/15
Aquired: 02/10/18

Saw Jeffrey at a live show in Boulder, CO with Kathy, Phil, and Carrie. Great show. He didn't have much to sell (that we didn't already own) besides this so I decided to go for it.
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Jeffrey Foucault - Blood BrothersJeffrey Foucault - Live in Portland, OR - 11/5/15Jeffrey Foucault - Cold SatelliteJeffrey Foucault - Salt as WolvesJeffrey Foucault - Horse LatitudesJeffrey Foucault - Shoot the Moon Right Between the EyesJeffrey Foucault - Ghost RepeaterJeffrey Foucault - Stripping CaneJeffrey Foucault - Miles From the Lightning
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Live in Portland, OR - 11/5/15 songlist
  1. Theres A Destruction On This Land
  2. Des Moines
  3. Rico
  4. I Love You And You Are A Fool
  5. Slow Talker
  6. Blues For Jessie Mae
  7. Appolline
  8. Heart To The Husk
  9. Everybodys Famous
  10. Idaho
  11. Paradise
  12. Left This Town
  13. Hurricane Lamp
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