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Spain Summer Vacation - 2009

After we had spent 10 days in lovely Ireland, we took a quick flight down to Barcelona, Spain. We spent the following four days browsing around in and around the Barcelona area. We arrived late at night and were so wiped out all we had energy for was a quick bite out and then bed. We were fortunate enough to stay with the gracious Joel who has been living in Barcelona for the last 8 years and is good friends with Kathy's brother David. Thanks Joel!

Part of our time in Spain was about getting some R&R so the day after we arrived, Kathy and I took a short train down to Sitges, a nice little beach town. The stayed in a hotel right on the beach and spent the next two days sitting on the beach, playing in the pool and walking around the quaint little town. The food was awesome and the scenery was unforgettable. Also, we found the best tapas in history. No joke.

After turning into mush and ready to regroup normal society, we took the train back to Barcelona to hang with David, Joel and some of their friends. Barcelona is a wonderful city. It has such a great vibe about it. Nightlife goes on and on and on. Everyone is extremely kind and relaxed. It is such a nice diversion from what we deal with normally here in LA. We love you Barcelona. Thank you for showing us the way.

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