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Ireland Summer Vacation - 2009

Kathy and I made our way over to Ireland for ten awesome days before we headed off to Spain for a few more. We had a great time due to the hospitality of some wonderful hosts, a country full of friendly people and an overall beautiful country. We started our voyage in Dublin (duh) but quickly left for greener pastures in our rented Hyundai Picanto.

Our introduction to Ireland was highlighted by our wonderful stay with Anthony and Margaret, who are family friends of ours. They took us under our wing and gallantly showed us around their area of Kilmuckridge and surrounding area. I'll keep it short. We had the best time and Anthony and Margaret are dear, dear people for being so kind to us during our stay.

After leaving the western coast we travelled south through Killkenny and Mallow towards the Ring of Kerry. What a place. Beautiful, serene and absolutely worth seeing. If you go, you must travel the ring (preferably not in a tour bus). Once through the ring, we met up with Kathy's brother David in Limmerick. We also were blessed with visiting with my good friend from college Stephanie and her son Jack. Good times, good times.

With David, we traveled northwest to the Cliffs of Moher where we did an amazing 6-mile hike along the cliffs. It was truly a memory never to be forgotten. After that we continued on our drive north where we enjoyed more scenery and happy times. We were fortunate enough to golf in Oughterard as well as see countless unreal sights. Before too long we were on our way back to Dublin, which was sad, but we went out in style. What a big night in the Temple Bar area.

Everyone should visit Ireland at least once. The people are among the friendliest I have ever met and the food is divine. Additionally, the county is just so beautiful and green. Ya, I know, go figure.

Next it was off to Spain!

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