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The Paper Kites - At the Roadhouse
The Paper Kites
At the Roadhouse
Aquired: 02/29/24

Picked up this album digitally after seeing the band play in Denver. I was going to splurge for the vinyl at the show but it was $45! I opted for the slightly over $10 digital version. What a great show! If you haven't seen this band live, you really should. They are something else.
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At the Roadhouse songlist
  1. Midnight Moon
  2. Till the Flame Turns Blue
  3. Black & Thunder
  4. Marietta
  5. Rolling on Easy
  6. Hurts so Good
  7. Good Nights Gone
  8. Burn the Night Away
  9. June's Stolen Car
  10. Maria, It's Time
  11. Green Valleys
  12. The Sweet Sound of You
  13. I Don't Want to Go That Way
  14. Pocket Full of Rain
  15. Mercy
  16. Darkness at My Door
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