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The Paper Kites - Roses
The Paper Kites
Aquired: 03/15/21

Finally, finally, finally. It felt like an eternity waiting for this album to release. So glad it's here. It's great. Lots of collaboration on it. Maybe more than I'd prefer? Maybe.

August 24th, 2021
Eric got me this LP for my 44th birthday. I was waiting to pick it up at their next live show, but glad that I didn't have to wait that long. Love this band. Thanks Eric!

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Roses songlist
  1. Walk Above the City (feat. MARO)
  2. Climb on Your Tears (feat. Aoife O'Donovan)
  3. Dearest (feat. Lydia Cole)
  4. Steal My Heart Away (feat. Ainslie Wills)
  5. Without Your Love (feat. Julia Stone)
  6. Crossfire (feat. Amanda Bergman)
  7. Lonely (feat. Gena Rose Bruce)
  8. Take Me Home (feat. Nadia Reid)
  9. For All You Give (feat. Lucy Rose)
  10. By My Side (feat. Rosie Carney)
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