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Colin Hay - Now and Evermore
Colin Hay
Now and Evermore
Aquired: 12/25/23

A Christmas gift (vinyl) from Kathy. Great album! Very excited to see a download redemption card in the sleeve as well.
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Now and Evermore songlist
  1. Love Is Everywhere
  2. Into The Bright Lights
  3. The Sea Of Always
  4. Starfish And Unicorns
  5. A Man Without A Name
  6. Undertow
  7. All I See Is You
  8. Agatha Bell
  9. When Does The End Begin?
  10. Long Ago (Bonus Track)
  11. Tomorrow Never Comes (Bonus Track)
  12. We Can Love Again (Bonus Track)
  13. Waterline (Bonus Track)
  14. Someone Else's Life (Bonus Track)
  15. Incommunicado (Bonus Track)
  16. Within The Wheel (Love Is Everything) (Bonus Track)
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