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Noah Kahan - Stick Season
Noah Kahan
Stick Season
Aquired: 12/15/23

Grant, Kristin, and Stacey were confused when they found out that Noah was not on my radar. I quickly took a listen and have enjoyed this album quite a bit.
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Noah Kahan - Stick Season
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Stick Season songlist
  1. Northern Attitude
  2. Stick Season
  3. All My Love
  4. She Calls Me Back
  5. Come Over
  6. New Perspective
  7. Everywhere, Everything
  8. Orange Juice
  9. Strawberry Wine
  10. Growing Sideways
  11. Halloween
  12. Homesick
  13. Still
  14. The View Between Villages
  15. Your Needs, My Needs
  16. Dial Drunk
  17. Paul Revere
  18. No Complaints
  19. Call Your Mom
  20. You're Gonna Go Far
  21. The View Between Villages (Extended)
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