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Lyle Lovett - Step Inside This House
Lyle Lovett
Step Inside This House
Aquired: 07/10/21

Found this double CD at my mom's house in Laguna. She didn't want it anymore so I decided to take it home and add it to the collection. CD!!! I still absolutely love that format, especially when you can easily burn them to digital as well.
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Step Inside This House songlist
  1. Bears
  2. Lungs
  3. Step Inside This House (Step Inside My House)
  4. Memphis Midnight/Memphis Morning
  5. I've Had Enough
  6. Teach Me About Love
  7. Sleepwalking
  8. Ballad of the Snow Leopard and the Tanqueray Cowboy
  9. More Pretty Girls Than One
  10. West Texas Highway
  11. Rollin' By
  12. Texas Trilogy: Daybreak
  13. Texas Trilogy: Train Ride
  14. Texas Trilogy: Bosque County Romance
  15. Flyin' Shoes
  16. Babes in the Woods
  17. Highway Kind
  18. Lonely in Love
  19. If I Needed You
  20. I'll Come Knockin'
  21. Texas River Song
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