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Hillsong United - People [Live]
Hillsong United
People [Live]
Aquired: 08/01/19

Saw these guys at the Pepsi Center. Great, great, night. I wish I had known their songs more before attending but this album has spun a LOT since.
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Hillsong United - People [Live]
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People [Live] songlist
  1. Ready Or Not [Live]
  2. Here's To The One [Live]
  3. Might Sound Wild [Live]
  4. Whole Heart (Hold Me Now) [Live]
  5. As You Find Me [Live]
  6. Clean [Live]
  7. Starts And Ends [Live]
  8. Highlands (Song Of Ascent) [Live]
  9. Holy Ground [Live]
  10. Another In The Fire [Live]
  11. Good Grace [Live]
  12. Echoes (Till We See The Other Side) [Live]
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