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Pink Floyd - The Endless River
Pink Floyd
The Endless River
Aquired: 11/23/14

It took a while but the wait was totally worth it. Love this album. You will too.
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The Endless River songlist
  1. Things Left Unsaid
  2. It's What We Do
  3. Ebb And Flow
  4. Sum
  5. Skins
  6. Unsung
  7. Anisina
  8. The Lost Art Of Conversation
  9. On Noodle Street
  10. Night Light
  11. Allons-Y (1)
  12. Autumn '68
  13. Allons-Y (2)
  14. Talkin' Hawkin'
  15. Calling
  16. Eyes To Pearls
  17. Surfacing
  18. Louder Than Words
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As you can see from my album listings, I have a lot of Pink Floyd albums. The reason? When you find something that you can't truly get enough of, like a drug, you tend to fill yourself with everyth...
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