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Frightened Rabbit - The Midnight Organ Fight
Frightened Rabbit
The Midnight Organ Fight
Aquired: 04/07/09

The last of the albums that were recommended by Ken on our ski trip out to Utah this winter. Eh, it's pretty good. Definitely not as good as the others.
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The Midnight Organ Fight songlist
  1. The Modern Leper
  2. I Feel Better
  3. Good Arms Vs. Bad Arms
  4. Fast Blood
  5. Old Old Fashioned
  6. The Twist
  7. Bright Pink Bookmark
  8. Head Rolls Off
  9. Backwards Walk
  10. Keep Yourself Warm
  11. Extrasupervery
  12. Poke
  13. Floating In the Forth
  14. Who'd You Kill Now?
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