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Season 8 was a complete redesign from the ground up. I was influential in all processes, from wireframing, comping and creative buildout.
Posted 09/21/08
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I was hired on as SWIRE's interactive creative director in the fall of 2009. We have worked on countless client sites but the most important project was the one that fell in-house.
Posted 01/11/11
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eGood is a movement about choosing good—connecting communities, companies and causes for the benefit of all.
Posted 05/27/13
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Real estate agents Dave and Jeff Kaptain out of Beverly Hills, CA were not happy with their existing online offerings so they reached out to see what could be done.
Posted 07/18/14
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As you can see from my album listings, I have a lot of Pink Floyd albums. The reason? When you find something that you can't truly get enough of, like a drug, you tend to fill yourself with everything to get your fix. Such is the case with my obsession, yes obsession, with the band Pink Floyd. Wh...
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